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Cowl Neck Knit Top

Learn pattern drafting skills and also pick up tips on working with knit fabric. Here's the outline for AUSSEW-Along #2.  As each set of instructions is posted, it will be linked to this outline.  Click the link to open your sewing guide for the day.

Day 1:  8th February 2016
    Convert a basic T-shirt pattern to an attractive cowl neck top

Day 2:  10th February 2016
     Join front and back together.  Learn different neck edge finishing techniques.  Learn seam finishing techniques.

Day 3:  12th February 2016
     Insert sleeves.  Learn hemming techniques

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  1. I have just watched your utube video and am impressed with it. You make it look so easy and the instructions are well presented. Thank you for all the great instructions and I am sure we will be ready for the next step in two days time. I know I will be. Brenda

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Brenda. My husband and I had lots of fun making it - couldn't stop laughing at times.