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Thursday, 23 July 2015

RSL Beanies and scarves for ADF serving overseas.

Project goal: To provide a knitted or crocheted BEANIE and an INFINITY SCARF for each serving member on deployment in the Middle East and similar areas.

There are currently approximately 600 ADF in Iraq and 400 ADF in Afghanistan at any one time and these numbers can fluctuate.    It can be bitterly cold in these areas as well as at sea, so let us help keep them warm.  We aim to send our ADF members something made by people at home, so they know we care about them and appreciate their service.

 Project aim:    To gather our knitting, crocheting and sewing supporters and volunteers from various sources to provide at least 1000 beanies and scarves to be sent to our deployed ADF members in time for Christmas 2015. 

Preferred colours are camouflage, dark navy, dark grey, charcoal, black, brown, khaki – or a combination of some to make camouflage. However, the “troops” will mostly wear the gear when in civvies or relaxing, so the colours can be expanded, though sensible as we really have to think about the sensitive conditions our ADF may be exposed too.  Colours that don’t show the dirt would be preferred.  

Knitting patterns:
12 ply rib beanie
8 ply double knit beanie
8 ply double knit beanie alternative
8 ply rib beanie

Scarves can be made of fleecy fabric, dimensions 12-15cm wide by 120-130 long. Currently they have more beanies than scarfs.

 Time Frame:   To have at least 1000 sets completed by 25th November 2015 so that they can be gathered and posted before the Australia Post cut-off date approximately 4th December.

For further information contact - 

Sharon Harford
Centenary Program Manager
The Returned & Services League of Australia WA Branch Incorporated
((08) 9287 3706
7:  (08) 9287 3732
+  PO Box 3023, EAST PERTH, WA 6892

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Quick and Easy Projects

Do you need a sewing fix but don't have a lot of spare time?  Try these delightful projects provided by Handbag Hardware Australia. (10% discount for ASG members when you shop online). Quick and easy, they make great gifts.

Instructions for Aunt Martha bag

Instructions for Key Fob

Monday, 6 July 2015

Taming Your Overlocker

by in2Mode Fashion Design College

Have you noticed that woven fabrics are increasingly being replaced by stretch fabrics? They are comfortable, suit our casual lifestyles but… are harder to sew with domestic sewing machines, which makes overlocking machines the answer for the home sewer.

The greatest asset of the overlocker is the fact that it not only creates an excellent quality seam, but also provides a professional cut to the edges of the sections of material that are being joined. Its speed also makes the overlocking machine very desirable for both home and plant use, making it easier to achieve a quality product in a shorter period of time, with seams being sewn in one pass that sews and finishes the seam to prevent fraying.

Another advantage of the overlocker is the use of loopers as the source of thread for the sewing project. Unlike the standard lockstitch model, it doesn’t make use of bobbins. Instead, the loopers allow the sewing machine to feed threads for multiple thread cones into the needle mechanism, making it is easier to contain the edges of the material in the seam and creating a more finished look to the project.

However, overlocking machines use multiple threads and may need more than one tension. Like all things, it is easy when you know how it works, but you may need help to learn the basic techniques and also how to read and understand the sewing jargon before you can make the most of your machine.

On 20th and 27th September 2015, we’ll be running the “Taming Your Overlocker” course in Sydney, which gives an introduction to overlocker techniques and is designed to give students the confidence to use their machine to its full potential. Visit or call us on (02) 9449 1450 for more information.