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Friday, 20 February 2015

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

In2mode fashion college

Would you like to improve your sewing skills?

In2Mode Fashion College are located in Pymble on Sydney’s north shore. They run a wide range of courses for everyone:
  • Full time Professional Fashion Program over 2.5 years
  • 2 or 3 day workshop programs
  • HSC mentoring for major works and high school students
  • Craft program with Macquarie Community College, daytime and evening classes
  • Short courses in a huge range of subjects

Guild members receive 15% discount on pattern making equipment purchased from the College while attending a course.

What’s coming up?

15 & 22 FEBRUARY 2015 / 7 & 14 JUNE 2015

7 Finished Garment

An overlocker, or serger, is a versatile sewing aid that can intimidate even confident sewers. The sewing course gives an introduction to overlocker techniques and is designed to give students the confidence to use their machine to its full potential. During these workshops, students work on a number of samples that they join to make a cover for their overlocker. The cover is a reminder of what can be achieved and is a practical sample for your sewing room.

Short Courses

Short courses offer a great deal of flexibility. You chose the subjects and the pace!
Subjects are:
  • Fashion illustration
  • StyleCAD pattern making
  • Portfolio development
  • Fashion design principles
  • Flat pattern making & construction
  • Lingerie – Flat pattern making & construction
  • Draped pattern making & construction
  • Eveningwear & bridal wear – Draped pattern making for
  • Womenswear – Pattern making & garment construction
  • Sportswear - Pattern making & garment construction
  • Childrenswear - Pattern making & garment construction
  • Couture & luxury ready-to-wear construction techniques
  • Fashion business & business planning
  • Fashion small business operation
  • Professional Fashion Program

The program will equip students with the knowledge to enter the Fashion Design industry as Designers, Pattern Makers, and Illustrators working freelance or with retailers and manufacturers. The business program is also designed to assist students wishing to start their own label.

HSC Mentoring

HSC mentoring for major works and high school students is run as a Saturday or evening program during the College semester and is part of our Short Course program.
Students receive skills training in pattern making, garment, construction, illustration, layout of mood boards and portfolio presentation geared toward that area of speciality they have chosen for their major work.
The mentoring program and our short course program is an ideal head start for a student contemplating a career in fashion design.

Enrolments for 2015

The college is taking enrolments for term 1 2015, which starts on 2 February 2015, so have a look at their website here or Facebook page here

Monday, 2 February 2015

What goes into a Dior dress? Now you can find out!

I'm sure we have all drooled over a couture dress! All those subtle, yet distinct details that take those glorious dresses, made of fluff and bubble, to something not quite of this world. Of course the quality will always stand out but when you gaze upon these rare beauties, I'm sure you wonder about the hands that made those tiny stitches. Well, settle in and watch these videos of Dior couturiers going about the business...........

If you happen to be in Adelaide and are hankering for more, don't miss the Fashion Icons exhibition at the Adelaide Art Gallery, you have to be quick as it closes 15 Feb 2015!

I'm going to rummage through my stash and plan an impossible, where would I wear it, fluffy, fabulous creation. I suggest you do the same!